Purveyor's Society

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where the sellers of things + services come to launch, grow + thrive


Strategic partners for passionate,
growth focused, entrepreneurs

We know what you’ve got riding on this venture. We know you’ve pinned major hopes and dreams on the success of your business. We know the obstacles you face and how scary they feel.

We get it, we really do. And that’s why…

We have reimagined the agency model and created something we wish existed when we launched our first businesses.


Founded by entrepreneurs and leaders in business development, growth strategy, branding and digital marketing, Purveyor’s Society is established to eliminate the most common barriers to success for start-ups and small businesses. Some of those frustrations are…

  1. Funds to pay for expert strategic and marketing support

  2. Access to real experts for guidance and mentorship

  3. A clearly defined and strategically designed growth plan

  4. Consistent branding and engaging messaging

  5. A team of experts to consult with and delegate to when growth is required


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Founders Jessica Waugh, Jillian Bowman and Beth Marchant

Founders Jessica Waugh, Jillian Bowman and Beth Marchant

Purveyor’s Society is a ‘wisdom co-op’ of leaders + experts passionately driven to support the success of inspiring entrepreneurs

Now accepting applications for
Summer & Fall 2019